Friday, August 3, 2012

Checking In-Friday Bullets

  • A friend is visiting from Thunder Bay.  It's great to have a third parent around.  Will be taking an ad out for a sister-wife.
  • The Port Pub in Port Williams has excellent desserts.  Also try the Little Dinghy.  Yummo!
  • The cast is off.  The bones looks great but she needs to rest and relax for the next two weeks.  We have another appointment with the doc in September.
  • Summer has flown by and we've done nothing.  Everything fun closes when school starts so it looks like we'll have try again next year.
  • Limey is working 7 days a week.  5 of those are in Halifax.  He commutes 4 hours each day.  
  • I ordered this lovely print from Etsy in Tardis blue.  At this shop.

  • The garden is an absolute mess.  When you ignore it for 2 years, weeds tend to take over.
  • Still, there are millions of tomatoes out there.  I'm a little scared.
  • Question? How do you find a drilled well if there is no obvious sign of one?
  • I finally went and took the written driver's test.  I passed.  I can take the road test whenever I want because they are taking into account my long expired beginner's license from Ontario.
  • I drove.  I drove all over Bridgetown and back home again.  I am extremely paranoid of other vehicles and when they are behind me I feel panicky.
  • Need to figure out how to drive again now that the friend is leaving.  Need to get on that sister-wife ad.
  • School!  We've pretty much taking the month off.  I need to prep for our fall plans and finish the office reno.
  • My old mac revived when we took it to get fixed.  Oddly all my stuff was still on the computer despite the fact that I did a factory reboot.  Everyone looked at me like I was an idiot who couldn't turn a computer on.  I was vindicated when they actually tried to run a program and it crashed spectacularly. 
  • Did some unfortunate spending of money that doesn't exist at Future Shop. 
  • What car (not a van) should I get that has fits three kiddy seats across has a big boot.  Dreaming obviously.
  • We still have a ton of baby bunnies for sale.  Who needs a pet?
  • New post on the dream blog. Go check it out.  


  1. We have a Hyundai Elantra hatchback (2002 or 2003) with 3 car seats in the back seat. You need to have skinny car seats, but it's doable. We have a Thule box on top, and that, together with the trunk, is enough to get the five us to Keji for a week with all our gear, including food. We're packed like sardines, but it's doable!


  2. What kind of carseats do you have? I know the radians are skinny but I've never seen them locally.

  3. Ok, the garden...well I've only ignored it for a few days and then instead of going weeding I went haying! How to find your drilled well where you don't know where it is? Follow the pipe in your basement and then at least you'll know what direction it's in. Then rent an industrial strength metal detector and follow the pipe. I know this because we are in the same situation. We've lived here for 20 years and we only know in what direction our well is.

  4. Congrats on passing the driving test.
    The open road awaits, and you can totally skip school and head to the beach hehehe!

  5. Interesting comment about your well. Our well has a 2 foot pipe that extends above ground with a large removable cap for servicing. Impossible to miss.

  6. A friend suggested that the dug well was drilled into but there's isn't a pump in the well. It's inside. We're going to test it this week when we shock it. If it smells bleachy, it's the well.