Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Quite Kermit

We found this little frog hanging out near the rain barrel.  It was pretty funny watching the kids try and catch him.  He didn't get to visit with us long because dd2 tried to love him to death.  I think she'll be mad at me all day for letting him go.


  1. I'm finally back online and trying to get caught up!

    He's huge! We have lots of toads, but I've never seen a frog. Very cool.

  2. I enjoy having toads and frogs around, especially in the garden and flower garden, They take care of all the insects for me.

  3. Love to see you let the kids play with these wonderful creatures. I loved catching frogs, toads, butterflies etc. to show our children when they were growing up. Now as grown-ups they talk about how they played with all kinds of creatures and now still respect them in nature. They even still love to catch them when they see them. He certainly is a big fellow!