Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Camping at Keji

We went camping at Kejimkujik for labor day weekend.  We haven't been camping since we lived in Thunder Bay, so it's been awhile.

It was fabulous.  The facilities were slightly above those at Sleeping Giant in Tbay and the actual sites were nicer as well.  I didn't realized how much I missed camping until we went.  I haven't been that relaxed and content in a long time.

The only low point was when Dd1 got mowed down by a kid on a bike when coming out of the bathroom building.  She was knocked down and a wheel rolled right over her neck.  It was awful.  She was hysterical and her neck was all bloody and bruised. She kept asking me if she was going to die.

So PSA time parents.  Teach your kids bike safety rules including no speeding around blind corners or in playgrounds were little kids are playing.

So other than that, it was a blast.  As soon as I got home I booked another weekend.  One day we'll do backcountry canoe camping but for now car camping is great.

Peach Cobbler

Sad empty site :(

We did a lot of hiking as well and I'll post those pics tomorrow.

Where's your favourite camping spot?


  1. We go to Belle Baie campground. We can't go to far because we have to milk the goats. I'd like to go to Keji but it's rather expensive. People say it's really nice.

  2. It was lovely and a cheaper than the one we went to in Ontario.

  3. We had a trailer on a seasonal lot at Twin Shores P.E.I for about 8 years when our children were young. They have such fond memories of camping. Your children too will remember camping and the fun they had. It's important to do family time in such a busy world now. Camping just makes us slow down and get back to nature. And by the looks of the smiles I see on your beautiful children they had a blast.

  4. We have too many favorites to even list! I love Bear Head Lake (Ely, MN), Temperence River on Lake Superior (2 hours south of Thunder Bay, or so), and Jay Cooke (south of Duluth). My husband loves Door County in Wisconsin. My kids love southern Minnesota. It's all good!