Monday, October 22, 2012

A Side Trip

When we went camping we forgot to bring candles for the jack o' lanterns.  After breakfast on Sunday morning we took a drive to the corner store outside the park to buy some.  When we got the highway there was a sign indicating the Bridgewater was not too far away.  So off we went to Bridgewater.

Of course, once we were in Bridgewater I pointed out that Lunenburg wasn't that much further.  By the time we got there it had turned very hot and sunny.  I took a few pics of the boats and inside the museum.  After that we were tired, hot and hungry so we drove back to camp for Thanksgiving dinner.

We took a little tour of a boat.  I managed to go down one deck.  Just looking down the ladder to the next one made me feel ill.

Some day when we have a little more free time, I'd like to spend more time checking out the south shore.


  1. I'm confused...did you change your blog? Looks nice, but I was confused.

  2. Changed the background and removed the banner. Did some other tweaks to the code.