Saturday, October 27, 2012

Red it is.

I really love the orange with this blue couch, really love it.  However, the vibe it gives off doesn't feel right.  So I've concluded (with a little advice from a friend) that a jewel-toned red is going to get the cozy, lux, relaxed look that I'm constantly craving.

The above picture is a more accurate colour representation of the pieces.  This is the rug I'm currently drooling over.  It's 100% wool and looks pretty thick.  Whether or not the colour is accurate is another story.

And here's the two together.

Once we can get the rug in, it'll be easier to envision how to proceed with the rest of the decor.  I think it might be a difficult search for the right coffee table.  I want something non-breakable, wide enough for board games, with some storage but not something that looks to heavy and solid.  Wishful thinking?

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