Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thanksgiving and an Early Halloween

Thanksgiving at Keji was a blast.  After we got the tent set up, we carved a couple of pumpkins for the carving contest.

The kids each got a marker to draw on the faces and then we carved the pumpkins out for them.  Ds was not at all interested in the job.  He wouldn't even help take the gunk out.

Can you guess who designed each pumpkin?

After that job was done, the kids got dressed up for the hay ride.  Limey had picked up two fairy princess costumes for the girls and a warmer dragon costume for the baby. Unsurprisingly ds wanted sparkly wings too and dd1 graciously offered to be the dragon.

The hay ride was a short jaunt around a grassy lawn and there was no hay involved.  The oxen were cute though and the kids enjoyed the ride.

On Thanksgiving day we took a trip to Lunenburg and made it home just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  I rarely ever think to take food photos so all I have of that is a picture of ds covered in pumpkin parfait.

At some point the kids went trick or treating.  There were surprisingly few kids at camp despite the fact that all the sites were full.  The park was dominated by campers. There were only a few tents.  At some point I overheard someone talk about using the microwave and then later about turning the heat on.  Car camping is luxurious enough for me. 

All in all, it was a really lovely weekend.  Heavy rain and winds had been forecasted but we received none of it.  I think it was actually warmer than when we went at the beginning of September.

Here's a picture of the site after we took down the tent.  In September the tent was hit by dozens of pinecones every evening.  This time it was pine needles.

Lunenburg pictures to come.

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