Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living Room-Mostly Done

The living room is nearly complete.  There's another piece of art coming in three weeks.  All we need to do now is paint the crown, move some wiring and switch out the knobs on the coffee table for glass ones, like we did with the tv stand.

Here's after the floor but before paint and decor.

And the afters!

The painting that I ordered is going to go somewhere in that space behind the couch.

I must have changed the living room around a millions times as we added each piece.  In the end this was the only layout that would fit the stuff.  Fortunately it was also our favourite layout.

I'm loving all the hidden storage.  It's nice to get all the junk off the bookcases.  Leaves room for more actual books.

Here's some evening shots for the hell of it.  It's so much cozier than before.

That'll be it for renos for now.  We can't really do anything else until the wood stove is replaced.

Now I can focus on Christmas.  Tomorrow I'll be attempting a Christmas pudding.  Wish me luck!