Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Future Entry

We have a decent sized foyer in this house.  It's next to the living room and contains the staircase to the upstairs.  At the moment we don't use it because there is no pathway to that door and no parking nearby. Some day we'll make it our front entrance.

We still had the materials left from refinishing the living room floor so Limey decided to complete the foyer.


About 1/4 way through the floor laying, he realized he forgot the vapor barrier!

It so nice now.  Clean and level. The walls are a mess though.  All through the house, the drywall has been put in place over the trim (which needs replacing).  Cracks have been patched by what looks like the throwing of drywall compound at the walls that was then left to smooth itself out.  

The ceiling is this lovely stuff.

It's either going to have to be drywalled or removed and panelled ($$$).   The staircase is covered in orange carpet.  I tried to pry a piece off and it was not an easy job.  It's stapled down really well and the corner I did manage to lift, left the foam backing behind.

I want to do this with the stairs.

For the walls I'm thinking this wallpaper on the bottom, chair rail and then the grey on the top.  7" baseboard trim and crown moulding.

I'll put another chandelier in.  Maybe this one.

Limey's going to put in a coat closet next to the stairs.  For furniture we'll need a hall table, mirror and a bench.  Maybe a cute coat stand.

It'll be nice to get rid of the kitchen entrance.  Seriously, having duck poo tracked into your kitchen can get on one's nerves after awhile!


  1. I really like the wallpaper. I have to say yes to the chandelier as I am addicted to chandeliers. Isn't it funny how we start renos in one room then we can't stop. Looking good!!

  2. Thanks Carol. I'm finding myself addicted to chandeliers as well!

    Every room in this house needs doing. I'm doing the minor renos/redecorating first. The big renos are going to take a lot of thinking about before launching. I look at the main bath and have no clue what do in there. The kitchen is going to be a massive project. Baby steps.