Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puppy Pics

Padfoot is really hard to get good photos of.  He's always moving, he's black and the lighting is too dim in the house.

He's been great so far.  The kids love him, although ds gets a little overwhelmed when Padfoot chases him around.  We put the baby gate back up to separate the kitchen from the rest of the main floor.  The pup spends most of his time there.  Periodically during the day we open the gate to let him run around or sit on my lap while I'm in the living room.  He's always supervised when the gate is open.  When he's learned some manners and we've moved the beds upstairs we'll remove the gate.

We took him to the vet and found out that he has an issue with his third eyelid.  He'll be going in for surgery in a couple of weeks to get that taken care of.  Other than that he's perfectly healthy.  Perfectly cute as well.


  1. He is adorable!

  2. He is soooo cute! I have two black cats and trying to take a photo of them really hard. You can't tell which end your looking

  3. He is cute. He's a bit of a biter though. We're working on that.