Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bedroom Reno

So we're thinking about moving.  We keep going back and forth.  One day we are for sure moving and the next day we waffle.  Regardless, it's not going to happen within the immediate future (unless we go bankrupt) so we're continuing with renovations.

Limey is currently renoing the master bedroom upstairs.  It had to be competely gutted.  There was very little insulation, certainly not enough to make any difference in the temp.  The drywall had to come off because instead of taking the trim off and then drywalling someone just drywalled on top of it.  Plus we needed to get to the exterior wall insulate.

Drywall over wallpapered plaster.

A third of the garbage removed from the room.

I feel warm and cozy just looking at this.
After this we'll started doing the rest of the second floor.


  1. Oh no! Why do you think you are moving? I hope your bedroom reno will look as amazing as your living room reno !!!!!!

  2. We love the house but are't convinced that staying here long term is in our best interests. Limey is commuting 4 hours a day at the moment and that's a big issue.

  3. ouch- 4 hours is rough to do long term, I totally understand wanting to move now!