Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Best Heat

I had a request for a picture of our woodstove.  It's an old Fisher.  You can find them on Kijiji dirty cheap.  I've had water, gas, oil and wood and the wood wins out for best heat.  It may be a pain to haul and split wood but it makes up for it in warmth.  Wood heat just feels different than other types.  I love it.  Hear in rural Nova Scotia the only other option is oil, which is very expensive.  Plus there's the added bonus of being able to cook on it AND it's not affect by power outages!

Last year we had planned to replace the Fisher with a fancy new model but the $10k price tag was a bit of a put off.  At some point we do need to move it to a more central location.  At the moment the heat pools in the kitchen and the rest of the house stays pretty chilly.  Some day we'll get to it.

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